Make It Personal And Perfect

Custom-cut wine glasses for the wedding. Personalized strap for that vintage guitar. Engraved sheath for that heirloom sword. Elegant inscription for that trophy.

From bold award plaques to delicate decoration on costly crystal … whatever your inscription, whatever the material leather, rubber, wood, plastic, metal we help you make your mark.

But before we even get to the application process, IES can assist you in graphic design. Our promotional design specialists will help you make your inscription, logo or image as impactful, or as beautiful, as your personal project demands. All with competitive pricing and a speedy turnaround to make your products, gifts or promotional items truly your own.

Our team likes to say, “if you can dream it, we can do it.” Be as creative as you want with the images or words, and we’ll find the right technique to apply your marking to just about any surface.

Make your mark with IES

  • Knives/Firearms

    Items such as knives and firearms are often handed down from generation to generation. Mark them and make them a true heirloom.

  • Ornaments/Momentos

    “Our first Christmas” ornament Grandpa’s favorite pipe lighter the putter you eagled with… Laser marking your treasures makes them even MORE special.

  • Promotional/Awards

    From trophies and plaques to key chains and pens, laser marking lasts longer and says it better. And there are no minimum quantities.

  • Personalized Gifts

    Whether you drink from it, write with it, rest a glass on it, or hang it on a wall; laser marking is a great way to personalize any gift.

  • Rotary/Diamond Drag Engraving

    Unlike laser marking, these two types of engraving begin with removing the material, then in some cases, filling it with ink, for that professional, classic look.