Part marking has become increasingly important to manufacturers today for both large business, or small companies that are just starting out. Both as a means of tracking and identifying parts, part marking can give your products the professional look they need, providing yet more way to stay ahead of your competition.

IES has both YAG and CO2 lasers, as well as a rotary engraving machine. This combination enables us to mark a wide range of materials in high resolution, including glass, plastics, wood, rubber, and special metals including anodized, coated, and painted surfaces. With the extreme precision of our equipment, IES can control both the depth and visibility of the marked area.

Some of our other services include creating one-of-a-kind corporate gifts based on highly-detailed designs, such as logos or photographs, either provided to us, or designed by our graphic design team. Our Industrial Marking section shows examples of some of our work, but we would be happy to discuss your specific part marking needs.

For more information on how IES can provide all of your laser marking needs, please click the links above.