Laser engraving is only one of the many services that IES offers. From corporate gifts, to that special one-of-a-kind memento, IES is your complete laser engraving solution.Laser engraving can be done using a variety of different types of materials, meaning that your pretty much limited only by your ideas. Some of the more popular applications for laser engraving include corporate gifts, plaques and awards, wedding, retirement and anniversary presents, as well as a wide variety of solutions for industrial applications. (Check out our Specialty Marking section for details and examples of our work.)

At the heart of our laser engraving, etching, and marking facilities are both YAG and CO2 lasers, as well as a rotary engraving machine. Driven by digital technology, this combination enables us to work with many materials including glass, plastics, wood, rubber, and metals such as anodized, painted as well as coated. The accuracy of our equipment allows us to both control the process for varying degrees of depth and visibility, as well as produce detailed designs at high resolution.

From engraving photographs or logos onto personal items such as coffee mugs, knives, or shot glasses, to engraving or etching text onto golf clubs or plaques for that perfect corporate gift, IES makes the process of creating unique items easy. With our in-house graphic designers, we can either use the materials you supply, such as logos, text, and images to create digital files that guide the machines through the engraving process, or we can create a template based on your ideas.

For further details on how IES can solve all of your engraving needs, and for examples of our work, please visit our website.